Seq2seq learning in TensorFlow

You might want to just go straight to the ipython notebook, I put a lot more effort into it than this post.

I have been doing a bunch of side projects recently and not writing them up.  This one I think may be of some interest to other people since TensorFlow is so in vogue right now.  I have been interest in trying sequence to sequence learning for some time, so came up with a toy problem to solve.  I actually took some effort to make the notebook legible, and would probably be easiest to just read that to see the problem and code description : see the notebook here.  It includes this picture (just to make this post look  more interesting) :


Please note this is a work in progress, I will probably write up the problem/solution itself at a later date (but at my current rate of write-ups, perhaps not…)


4 thoughts on “Seq2seq learning in TensorFlow

  1. Hello, Mike!

    I think, I’ve just found a bug in your ipynb notebook:

    cells = [rnn_cell.DropoutWrapper(
    rnn_cell.BasicLSTMCell(embedding_dim), output_keep_prob=0.5
    ) for i in range(3)]

    In the code above you pass output_keep_prob=0.5 once and forever, so dropout works even when you are using your model to make predict on new data!

    You could replace output_keep_prob=0.5 with placeholder, to pass 0.5 while training and 0.0 otherwise!


    • I mean,

      dropout_ph = tf.placeholder(tf.float32, shape=…, )
      DropoutWrapper(basic_cell, output_keep_prob=dropout_ph)

      and then:

      [train] =…., { inputs: X, dropout_ph: [0.5, 0.5, 0.5] } )

      [predict] =…., { inputs: X, dropout_ph: [0.0, 0.0, 0.0] } )


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