DeepRhyme (D-Prime) – generating dope rhymes with deep learning


Disclaimer : I am a white boy, straight outta Cambridge, UK.  I do not condone the nastier, sometimes misogynistic language in this post, but in the interest of keeping it real, I have not made any effort to omit it either :b

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The following was completely generated, unedited, by a rapbot (minus the title).

House Full of Bricks - D-Prime

pump it up , just throw yo hands in the air
this goes out to all my niggaz that don't dare
i got a whole lot of diamonds in yo veins
about havin thangs gold rings , and my platinum chain
that's why all these bitch - ass niggaz get smoked
they don't give a fuck , that shit ain't no joke
nigga this goes out to all them crooked ass cops
since back in the days when i was getting popped
always had a good time for me to be fine
i've lost my mind , and i'm still gon shine
but i don't wanna see a nigga on the grind
we ain't trying to be ready for war or crime
check this out , a lot of people are scarred
and it's my time when it comes to the stars
cause i was born with a house full of bricks
yeah , we can see it all in the mix
but now it's hard for me to beg and feed
i gotta wake up , so take away my seed

Ever since I listened to Illmatic as a youngster, I’ve loved hip hop, and the amazing creativity of (some) rap lyrics.  I also love machine learning.  Over a year ago, I decided I would write a machine learning algorithm that could ingest rap lyric text, then generate lyrics of its own automatically.  This was hard, and I gave up.  Twice.  After many, many iterations, I eventually came up with a model that could produce the above.  The following is a brief description of how this was achieved, the full gory technical details as well as code will be written up in a later post.

but right now i'm just trying to make it nice
this is my life , you can pay the price
i ain't gotta wait til it's time to take flight
have a party all night , everything's gonna be alright
so now do you really wanna get with me tonight
it ain't no need to talk about what i write


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